Tim Sullivan

“I have always been an itinerant spirit and my practice reflects that urge to journey. With this, the Romantic’s notion of a fragment as a means to make rewarding connections has become key. I work with photography and film and thrive off the contact I make with the people and places I encounter.”  Tim Sullivan illustrates his focus.

Tim is an artist working in still and moving image, who lecturers photography and art theory in London and Plymouth in the UK. He has a MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art and has exhibited both in the UK and internationally.

During July 2019 at Listhus, Tim was researching the later work of Martin Heidegger for a PhD on Aesthetics, Technology and Art.

At this current time when art’s role in society often is posited as an addition to, rather than a central function of, our ability to make sense and build new sense of the world around us; Tim is interested in thinking through the centrality given to aesthetics and truth as Aletheia (a revealing of being) in Heidegger’s thoughts.

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