Nancy Libson

Nancy Libson is a documentary photographer and also a teacher from Washington DC who spent part of July and August at Listhús. She previously came to the residency in 2016.
Nancy is also the founder and teacher at Documentary Photographer giving workshops around the country.
Nancy also works at the Phillips museum as a gallery educator.
She has exhibited her photos nationally and internationally, her work has been included into publications and collections, she is also the recipient of awards, and she has been in several residencies around the world.
Nancy’s photos tell intimate stories about communities, people, places.
While at Listhús she connected with local families from Ólafsfjorður, and other villages at a personal level. She was invited into their homes, often more than once.
“When it comes to photographing people, they are not as cooperative as, say, nature, you have to gain their trust and engage them. The photographer will, instead of actively engaging the subject, try to be unobtrusive, like a fly on the wall.”
“I use light as a metaphor. Iceland is a land of both physical variety and changeability. From the weather, the geography, the light, everything is so dramatic that have a profound effect on the people.”
Those photographs are part of a project that Nancy started the first time she came to Iceland, so she has had the possibility to document some of the same families through the years.

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