Kristine Marie Darling

Kristine Marie Darling has been at Listhùs for part of the month of July.  She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she is a Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature and also has three Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Poetry, and American Culture Studies.

Kristine is the author of thirty books, she has been in several residencies all over the world, she is also the recipient of multiple grants. She is an editor, critic, publisher, a lecturer, and teacher. An advocate for women in the arts, higher education and the professions. This is her latest project:

“Litany for the Perpetrator:  Surveillance, Cyberstalking, and Female Empowerment in the Digital Age presented as a memoir in prose and screenshots, the project examines the ways internet surveillance and cyberstalking affect women of the millennial generation.  As a young arts professional who utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networking sites, I have been unnerved by the ways they often cultivate a sense of familiarity on the part of followers, resulting in an attempted break-in, threats to my physical safety over various posts, and routine tracking of my physical location via social media, and that only constitutes a small part of my story.  The essays intersperse such personal narrative with interview material, field research, statistics, and other journalistic techniques, exploring the ways that these sites exaggerate already present imbalances of power in both professional and personal contexts, but also demonstrating that this power has reclaimed by millennial women. “

Text by Laura Marconi

about Kristine Marie Darling

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