A Visual Poetry

projected image

Artist: Joana Valls (Spain) | photographer
interview & written by Teresa Cheung (Hong Kong, China)
 | culture researcher
Chinese version

During Joana’s very short stay at Listhús, she accomplished shooting and editing of all photos in 6 days. 50 of them were selected for the exhibition and were projected on the wall of the temporary “screening room”, which was converted from one of the studios.  

During the opening, all the guests were very curious how this girl [lady] from Majorca, Spain could cope with the weather in Iceland and prepare for the exhibition in such a short time?  

“I have a clear idea. I feel it… and follow the line.” 

On her first night stay at Listhus, the northern lights displayed in the sky of Ólafsfjörður. Unhurried, she brought her camera and tripod outside of the house and set the right angle for shooting. She turned towards the lights and took off her clothes. She waved her arms in the darkness – like a painter with her brush. The northern lights were her brushstrokes in the sky. 

For the next two days, she visited the mountains, beach and lake in Ólafsfjörður. She experienced the ever-changing weather in Iceland. She enjoys the purity of nature in Iceland where she can disconnect herself from city life and be relaxed. She believes that feeling, instead of thinking, allows our emotions and sensation to revive in calmness. 

She is the photographer as well as the model of this series. This experience helps her to understand the feelings of the models and to make them feel more comfortable during photo shoots in the future. 

She feels the nature with her naked body and listens to every single story told by nature. She captures the moment when we become one with nature. These subtle, intimate photos are her visual poetry, whispering, “Come. Let us wander in nature and feel the energy of the universe.  

She is very satisfied with her first artist-in-residence experience. She looks forward to returning to Iceland where she can meet and collaborate with artists from different countries. Next time She hopes to interact with local people, for example, recruiting models in Ólafsfjörður. My conversation ends with Joanna with her recommendation:  

“I think everyone should stay in Iceland, for once in a lifetime”

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